Sub Pro : 1 channel setup tutorial

 Today we’re going to set the Sub Pro up to in its most simple configuration; a one channel output. We’re going to isolate sound from two of the strings, drop them an octave, to give...

Submarine switch repair

Here's a short video showing the steps required to change the switchboard in a Submarine. This repair is suitable for when there is a fault with either the switch or the 3.5mm connector.

Submarine : Three way switch explainer

The new edition of the Submarine now has three switch positions. It allows you to isolate sound from one or two strings of your guitar. With the switch in the back position both strings are...

Using a Submarine on a Nylon String Guitar

By using ferromagnetic guitar strings it is possible to use the Submarine with a Nylon string guitar. These Thomastik Infeld strings are low tension rope core with a steel winding. they work with electromagnetic pickups like the Submarine.