Submarine Instructions



Suction pad base



The Submarine attaches to you guitar with a microsuction pad. It needs a clean surface to attach to, so give your guitar a clean with the microfibre cloth to remove grease and dust. Peel back the plastic and press your Submarine gently onto your guitar. This may require a small amount of trial and error to find the optimum position.

If the pad loses its stick, simply remove the dust or grime with some sticky tape or electrical tape. Applying tape a few times will remove all the debris leaving it good as new.

Do not use gaffer or masking tape for this job.


the cable

Secure the cable to your strap or endpin jack lead with the hook and loop tie. This is important!


adjusting Submarine height with allen key



You will find a 1.5mm Allen Key in the case to adjust the height and angle of the Submarine. This fits the set screws on the top. Make a full turn of one screw, then of the other, repeating if necessary until the Submarine is at the desired height. This will depend on guitar, guitarist and gauge of strings. In the region of 3-8mm is about right. Fine tune to suit your needs.

Do not force the screws.

The closer the Submarine is to the string, the stronger the output.  But... beware of it being so close that the magnets in the Submarine may make the string sound out of tune with itself. This happens when the magnets in the pickup are so close to the string it restricts the vibrations in one end of the string more than the other. This causes an imbalance in the harmonics of the string and can make it sound unpleasant. If this happens the Sub is too close.

Obviously string buzz should also be avoided.


magnetic attachment

The Submarine also comes supplied with two adhesive disc magnets. If your guitar has a matte finish you may find the microsuction pad does not work as well as on other guitars. These disc magnets can be stuck to your guitar should you wish to do so. Please be advised that even though we have used acid free 3M adhesive, you use these magnets at your own risk. We are not responsible for any damage they may cause to the finish of your guitar. They can also be used on guitars with scratch plates that make attaching the Submarine difficult.

the switch

Use the toggle switch to select one or two string output. 

A two channel output (one string per channel) is also possible by using a stereo lead. A y-split cable is useful here as it means custom break out boxes are not necessary.



Treat the Submarine as you would a microphone. It will not respond well to being dropped, getting wet etc.


storage and transport

The Submarine should be kept well protected when being transported. We strongly advise you remove it from your guitar and place it in its box.