Today we’re going to set the Sub Pro up to in its most simple configuration; a one channel output. We’re going to isolate sound from two of the strings, drop them an octave, to give the effect of a bass guitar doubling the E and the A strings

We plug in the adaptor cable into either one of the minijack sockets of the Sub Pro.

Now this cable is stereo, it can carry two signals and in the next video I’ll show you how to get more outputs from the Sub Pro. But for the purposes of this demo we’re just going to use a regular mono guitar cable, a patch cable to deliver the signal from the Sub Pro to this electro harmonix Pitchfork. This pedal is pretty versatile but all we need it to do right now is to drop the signal by one octave.

Now we need to select which strings we’re going to send from the Sub Pro to the pitchfork. Each string of the pickup has its own corresponding switch. And we’re going to send the E and the A to channel one. Which we do by moving these two switches to the left.

Now if we make sure the volume the regular pickups is turned down, we’ll just hear the output of the Sub Pro. There you can hear just the E and A but not the other four strings.

Now if we turn the octave pedal on you can hear the effect is applied to those two strings.

And if we turn the volume back up you’ll hear it has not affect the others.

And i’ll do my best to play an upside down back to front chord you’ll hear the the combination of the Sub Pro and the pitchfork is extending the range of this guitar into bass territory. You may want to use some headphones to hear those bass notes

If we just mute the Sub pro channel for a second. **strum** you can hear the regular output.

And now we unmute **strum**

you can hear this extended bass. Simple and versatile.

You could choose any pedal and any combination of strings. For example you could isolate sound from the top B and E and pitch shift them up and octave or you could apply delay and reverb to just those strings leaving the rest of the guitar unaffected.

The beginnings of many sound from one guitar.

Thanks for watching. In the next video I’m going to show you how to use two of the four available outputs on the Sub Pro.

Written by Pete Roe

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