today we’re going to look at a setup where the switches of the Sub Pro are alternately switched left, right. You can see we have one cable leaving the Pro. But that is carrying two channels of audio.

The middle position is of course, off but we have no strings muted here.

Now I’m saying left and right but of course this is really just channel one and channel two until we pan the channel which I will do now. I’d recommend listening on headphones or speaker to get the full effect

If I mute the right channel you’ll just hear three strings, and the left channel you’ll hear the other three.

With both channels open when I strum a chord you’ll hear something similar to a ping pong delay where each alternate note is left right.

And as the chord sustains you can really enjoy this marvellous stereo image that you just don’t get with a mono pickup.

If you’re looking to purchase this option you’ll need the Sub Pro two channel cabling pack. And it contains thew 3.5mm adaptor cable and then a Y-split cable to get your two mono signals

With a bit of reverb you have a really great stereo guitar sound.


STOP PRESS.... I also forgot to mention, there is absolutely no reason you couldn't do this with a pair of guitar amps instead of DAW studio setup

Written by Pete Roe

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