The Deep Dive.


Infinite creative control.

It's been a long time in the making. Now Submarine Pickups are please to announce our first truly hexaphonic guitar pickup. Six channels of audio. Each string of your guitar isolated for full control and manipulation in the way you choose.

Being able to dive deeper into your guitar's sound means you can deconstruct and rebuild it in new and exciting ways.

Spread strings across the stereo field; apply hexaphonic fuzz; create open source guitar synths; use with modular synths; trigger samples; pitch shift individual strings; apply microtonal tunings; or introduce your guitar to the world of immersive audio.

The SubSix is passive, all analogue and 100% open source.

We will shortly be launching phase one presales for the SubSix. Make sure to register your interest by joining the mailing list below.

What sounds will you make?

SubSix Acoustic

Spread your strings across the stereo image.

SubSix x hexaphonic fuzz x Logic Pro

A deeper dive into what can be done with the SubSix. Here we begin to explore the concept of individual string processing, specifically - hexaphonic fuzz and other effects applied to individual strings.