EBS Octabass - Sub Octave Guitar Effects Pedal


We tried pretty much all the sub-octave pedals out there. This is the one Submarine Pickups recommend for fingerstyle guitarists. It is an all analogue pedal meaning there is no latency or 'wheeziness' associated with DSP effects. Transients are sharp and punchy and the sound really feels an extension of your guitar rather than a layer. Unlike other analogue sub-octave pedals the tracking is super smooth, very accurate when combined with a clean fingerstyle guitarist and a well set up Submarine Pickup.

Please note, as an analogue octave pedal this is a monophonic effect. This means if you have two or three strings of your Sub or Sub Pro.

Please note, as an analogue octave pedal this is a monophonic effect. This means if you have two or three strings of your Submarine Pickup routed to the Octabass and you play them at once it may become confused

For this reason we do not recommend it for strummers.

Whilst the Octabass was originally designed for bass players the 'Range' switch makes it possible to move the optimized focus area of the tracking to either higher up or lower. For use with Submarine Pickups on a guitar set the Range switch to the high postion.

With the seamless tone control you can go from a present, focused octave sound that cuts through the mix all the way to a sub-bass backdrop of lows that discreetly supports the note you play. The tone control enhances the palette of sounds and also makes it easier to achieve a synthesized bass sound. 

Power the Blue Label OctaBass with 9-18V DC power.

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