Here's another wonderfully creative way to use SubSix. This week we are stepping into the world of pitch shifting. Pedal Steel is one of those instruments that without the real thing has not been possible to recreate until now. 

This week our pal Holly Carter shows how to use a SubSix to get pedal steel (or B+G bender) sounds on a telecaster.

As the SubSix has six individual outputs, pitch-shifting individual strings becomes a possibility. This can be done in various ways - if you were using a DAW some plugins and pitch-shifting automation could be used for example. In this instance, we are using the EHX pitchfork which has an expression pedal input for nice smooth glissandos which we use alongside with some other pedals all running into a 5W amp.

We are pitch-shifted here with two individual strings so we need two separate EHX Pitchforks. Rather than heel-toe type expression pedals, we used two Roland DP-10s (continuous sustain pedals) to pitchshift the B and G strings by one and two semitones respectively. The pedal action of a piano pedal seemed like a more appropriate and intuitive choice here. 

After the pitch-shifting, the G and B strings are recombined with the other four strings. Following that some overdrive to glue it together and then delay and reverb for a bit of atmosphere and sparkle.

Written by Pete Roe

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