Submarine Pro

The Sub Pro allows you to extend your sonic palette in ways you never have before. Isolate the sound from any combination of strings you choose. Apply effects to individual strings or groups of strings. Use as a standalone pickup or alongside your existing pickups.

  • One guitar, many sounds

Octaves up, octaves down

Kit Hawes

Here's our pal Kit trying out the production prototype of the Submarine Pro. Two strings are dropped an octave, two strings are raised an octave. Blended into the mix you can also hear the sound of the guitar's under saddle pickup.

One guitar, many sounds.

Switching system

Six switches, two outputs

The Submarine Pro has six switches. Each switch has three positions. Move to the left to send the signal from the corresponding string to the first output. Move to the right to send to the second. Move to the centre to turn off that string entirely.


inline or endpin

stereo jack socket

Warranty, shipping and returns

We offer a one year warranty, worldwide shipping and a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee. Full details here. We ship worldwide.