length 111mm
width 23.5mm
height (thickness at bosses) 9.3mm
height under E strings without baseplate (minimum) 6.3mm
distance between centres of height adjustment screws 69.7mm






12 x Neodymium N42


Chrome plated, hand polished, die cast zinc


2 x 3.5mm stereo female mini jack connectors
up to 4 outputs

Space between existing pickups

minimum 24mm
recommended 37mm

Height adjustment

distance between E strings and body
minimum 9mm
maximum 21.5mm

Sound hole

maximum clamping distance (guitar soundboard thickness) 7.8mm
minimum sound hole size (but please note, due to the slim profile of the sub pro installation may well be possible on top of the guitar) 74mm

String spacing

E to E string distance
minimum 45.5mm
maximum 51.5mm

Pickup Type

Passive Electromagnetic


6 x 3 way switches (DP3T)


900mm adaptor cable (1 x 3.5mm male to 6.35mm (1/4”) female) included as standard
Y split cable (1 x 6.35mm male stereo to 2 x 6.35mm male mono) required for two channel output
For 4 channel output 2 x Y split and 2 x 900mm adaptor cables will be required
Split pickup feature plugging in two 3.5mm cables to the Sub pro will split the pickup in two. Switch routing will behave in the same way but the pickup will function as two separate pickups EAD strings to one output jack GBE string to the other.