SubSix v1.0 Jan 2024
length 111mm
width 23.5mm
height (thickness at bosses) 9.3mm
height under E strings without baseplate (minimum) 6.3mm
distance between centres of height adjustment screws 69.7mm
Weight 77g
DC-impedance (each channel) 2.4kΩ
Magnets 12 x Neodymium N42
Housing Chrome plated hand polished die cast zinc.
Outputs 2 x 3 channel (TRRS) minijack 3.5mm female sockets
use with supplied adaptor cables for 6 x 1/4" jack (TS/Mono) outputs
Space between existing pickups
minimum 24mm
recommended 37mm
Height adjustment
distance between E strings and body
minimum 9mm
maximum 21.5mm
Sound hole
maximum clamping distance (guitar soundboard thickness) 7.8mm
minimum sound hole size (but please note: due to the slim profile of the SubSix installation may well be possible on top of the guitar) 74mm
String spacing
E to E string distance
minimum 45.5mm
maximum 51.5mm
Pickup Type Passive Electromagnetic
Switches None
Cabling 2 x adaptor cables (1 x mini jack (TRRS) to 3 x 1/4" jack (TS/Mono))