*Please note this video is of SubPro v1.0 which had a hard wired cable. the switch functionality remains the same*



The switches on the SubPro allow you to route strings to the outputs you choose. With the switch in the left position the corresponding string is routed to channel one; to the right to channel two. In the centre position the string is muted.


Four Channel Expansion

As you may have noted the latest version of the Pro has two mini jack outputs. Either of these sockets can be used on their own to suit various pickup placement positions and to suit right and left handed users. 

However it is also possible use both at once. Plug in two adaptor cables to obtain more output routings. When two cables are plugged in the pickup is effectively split in two. EAD to one side GBD to the other. Whilst the switch functionality remains the same, the three lower strings can only be routed to the two output channels on the corresponding side and likewise the higher strings can only be routed to the other output. Effectively plugging in two 3.5mm adaptor cables splits the pickup into two independent pickups each capturing and routing 3 strings to two outputs. Giving the SubPro four outputs in total.

For this set up you will need the following cables:

2 x SubPro Adaptor Cables

2 x Y-split cables




Written by Pete Roe

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