String separation for sustain - DOD Overdrive and EBS Octabass Sub Octave

A visit to local guitar shop Dex Audio to try out some of their modded pedals.

Three parallel signal chains showing the separation of signals from groups of strings on an acoustic guitar. This separation is particularly effective when used with overdrives, fuzzes or compressors. In this demo compression, overdrive and delay is applied to the treble strings, and compression and sub octave to the bass. As the high notes ring the bass accompaniment does not cause them to break up.

The division of string signals means the sound is more controllable and ultimately more effective.

strings 1 & 2
dex audio modded boss expander
ebs octabass

strings 5 & 6
dex audio modded boss compressor
dex audio modded dod overdrive
dex audio modded ehx memory toy

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