Welcome to SubCulture, your definitive guide to what I’m sonically immersing myself in while I work on the next big developments at the Submarine HQ.

This inaugural edition features artists old and new, friends, heroes, experimentalists, icons, guitar and non guitar music and cool stuff that I’ve come across recently.

Special mention goes out to Akusmi and NYX. I mixed their sound at the fabulous Hidden Notes festival in Stroud, a short walk from my house at the weekend. Akusmi is the French-born, London based composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Pascal Bideau who is making some wonderful stuff and NYX are a seven piece electronic drone choir who describe themselves as an otherworldly electric chorus, re-embodying live electronics and extended vocal techniques. Great stuff. Enjoy.


Track Listing: 

1. Pin It Down - Madison Cunningham

2. Have You Ever Seen Peaches Grow on a Sweet Potato Vine? - Jake Xerxes Fussell

3. Vaseline Machine Gun - Leo Kottke

4. If I'm Unworthy - Blake Mills

5. Journey In Satchindananda - Alice Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders

6. Sledgehammer - Peter Gabriel

7. Spanish Grease - Willie Bobo

8. River - Terry Reid

9. Salinas - Laura Marling

10. Little One - The Breath

11. Hold On - Alabama Shakes

12. Pagan Angel and a Borrowed Car - Iron & Wine

13. Holding Hands - The Magic Lantern

14. Small Things - Ben Howard

15. Sugar Baby - Sam Amidon

16. Jealous Guy - Live at the Bitter End, New York City, 1971 - Donny Hathaway

17. Trance Dance - Goran Kajfes, Goran Kajfes Subtropic Arkestra

18. Bill - Tin Hat Trio

19. Tezeta - Malatu Astatke

20. What Will We Do When We Have No Money - Lankum

21. Hallogallo - NEU!

22. Void - NYX

23. Speak Your Mind - Marc Benno

24. Restless Fugitive - Willy Mason

25. Fleeting Future - Akusmi