Sub Pro


The Sub Pro allows you to extend your sonic palette in ways you never have before. 

Isolate the sound from any combination of strings you choose. Apply effects to individual strings or groups of strings.

Use as a standalone pickup or alongside your existing pickups.

Make one guitar sound like three…

See Tech Specs

for acoustic
acoustic electric.png
for electric
fits in seconds.png

quick to fit


octaves up and down

N.B. It’s easy to miss the full effect of the bass on small speakers. Put some headphones on!



The SubPro has two outputs. You can choose which string’s sound is sent to which output using the mini-selector switches along the side of the pickup.

Any combination is possible. Split your guitar in half and send three strings to one amp and three to another; or isolate a pair of strings and play through an octave pedal; or apply overdrive to an individual string and play with a slide.  

six strings.png
one switch for each string
jack output.png
choose from two outputs
turn strings off

technical specifications

  • Suitable for permanent or temporary installation
  • Hotswap between guitars
  • Use with acoustic or electric guitars
  • 2 outputs
  • 6 micro-pickups; one per string


  • Three way switch - select between outputs 1, 2 or off
  • Height adjustable
  • Super slim - just slide underneath strings.
  • Die cast, chrome-plated housing
  • No batteries required
  • Comes with fitting kit and allen (hex) key
  • Dimensions: 102mm x 23mm x 8mm


  • Dimensions: 102mm x 23mm x 5.8mm (at E strings)
  • Use with: acoustic and electric guitars with steel/nickel strings.
  • Not for use with : classical/nylon stringed guitars
  • Distance between strings : approx 10mm
  • Cable length: 0.6m