The Submarine


The Submarine is a versatile tool that lets you apply effects just one or two strings of your instrument. Add bass with an octave pedal, play lead and rhythm at the same time or venture in the leftfield at let your imagination run wild!


how can it be used?

Octave down

An octave pedal on the lower strings gives a bass guitar effect.




Pitch Bend

Glissando bass lines with an expression pedal controlled pitch shift


Octave up

Pitch shift and atmospheric effects on the high strings

Pitch shift and atmospheric effects on the high strings.


What plugs into what

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how to attach to your guitar


Nano-Suction Pad

Because the pad uses no adhesive, it is dry to the touch and leaves no residue. To attach the Submarine to your guitar first clean any dust away with the supplied polishing cloth and then place the Submarine under the strings you wish to use it with. The height can then be adjusted using an allen key to suit your guitar


warranty, shipping & returns

We offer a one year warranty, worldwide shipping and a 30 day no quibble money back guarantee.


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what sounds will you make?


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