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We launched The Submarine in 2015. A two string pickup that helped solo performers, small bands, big bands, leftfield experimentalists, international touring acts and bedroom boffins make one guitar sound like two.

Two years on we're pleased to announce the Submarine Pro : A six string version. Six pickups in one die cast shell. You'll be able to choose the routing of individual strings. Drop octaves on the E & A, raise octaves on the B & E, add delays and reverbs as you wish and pan strings to different spaces in your mix. One guitar, many sounds.

We start crowdfunding on Tuesday 24th October 2017. We are a small company. Still just me - one person.  Releasing a new product is not something that is possible to do without the backing of people like you. As a thanks for being so supportive on this first part if the Submarine journey I'd like to offer you the chance to receive a massive discount on our next product. A limited number of half price Submarine Pros will be the first rewards of the crowdfunding campaign.  

Thanks for listening!

All the best,

Pete Roe,