will the submarine work on my guitar?

You can use the Submarine with most acoustic and electric guitars, but there are a few exceptions. It won’t work on nylon string guitars and it won’t fit on instruments with a very small gap between the string and body.

Some guitars with very arched tops or with scratch plate steps mean the microsuction pad may not work as desired. In these instances two (acid free, 3M) adhesive disc magnets are supplied. These can be stuck to your guitar to help overcome these difficult profiles. For those of you not keen on the idea of sticking things to your pride-and-joy we’re developing an add-on kit for use with these types of guitars.

how big a gap do i need under the strings?

The Submarine is 5.6mm thick. If you can fit the combinations of coins shown below under the strings without any buzz, you should be fine. 

In the UK, try a £1 coin on a £2 coin = 5.65mm

Or if you're using Euros, a 5 cent on two 10 cents = 5.53mm

In Australia, try $1 on a 50 cent piece.

In Canada 2 x 10¢ on 2 x 25¢ = 5.6mm

Links to other coin thicknesses can be found on this Wikipedia page. Just find a combination that adds up to 5.6mm

how sticky is that micro suction pad?

This depends on a few factors. If your guitar is shiny and clean it will work fine. If the guitar is dusty or greasy, you're going to have some trouble. We recommend removing grease and dust with a polishing cloth before attaching the Submarine. 

If you want less hassle, and a more robust solution, the Submarine comes with two adhesive magnets that can stay on your guitar. 

how long does the suction pad last?

As the pad picks up fluff and dust it will begin to lose its stick. Simply clean it with sticky tape or pvc tape using an on off motion, tapping the pad repeatedly with the tape until it’s clean. Do not use masking tape.

what does the switch do?

The switch has two positions. "Back" (towards the jack socket) is two strings on. "Forward" is the one string on. 

why does it come with a stereo cable?

It’s possible to send the signal from each string down a separate channel. Flick the switch to the forward position to try this. You'll need a Y split cable and, of course, something to do with these two outputs. Keep us posted with what you get up to! 

can i use it on a bass guitar or a violin?

Nope, sorry. We hope to develop products for other instruments in the future.

how long will it take my Submarine to arrive?

We are based in the UK. Stroud, Gloucestershire to be exact. All Submarines are sent with Royal Mail's Signed and Tracked service. Here is a rough estimate for delivery times:

UK : 1 -2 days

Europe: 3 - 5 days

Rest of the World : 7 days

Of course for international services this will depend on your own national post service as well.

how much is shipping?

As of Nov 2016:

UK £4.55

Europe: £8.70

Rest of world: £9 - £11

where can I buy the Submarine?

You can order it here