More prototypes

Hi everyone. Thanks again for your patience with this. We’ve been having issues with suppliers and also chasing gremlins around the pickup switching system. Here’s where we are up to now:

The connectors work! The insides of the pickup will now be split into two boards. This helps with assembly and also reduces wastage.

mezzanine connector submarine pro

It also opens up the possibility of offering other switching systems in the future. Two ideas that spring to mind are just have two 3-way switches at each end of the pickup. On the bass side the three positions would offer (E), (E+A) and (E+A+D). On the other side (E), (E+B) and (E+B+G). Would like to know your thoughts about this!

Also for players who want dynamic control of string switching - strings on and off in the middle of songs there is the exciting possibility of swapping out the switchboard for a hexaphonic breakout board. This may not be for some time but it is definitely something that I am keen to get made!

Let’s take a look at how the rest of it is going together:


As before, the final housing will be a die cast chrome plated shell. The remaining metal work will be brushed stainless steel.

assembly prototype

Here is a rough idea of how the Submarine Pro will go together. Hiding beneath the main body of the pickup is the baseplate. As before the height of the pickup can be adjusted using the hex screws on the top. One of my favourite things about the aspect of the design is that the height adjustment mechanism also doubles as a clamp for installation on acoustic guitars.

Soon we will have arranged production of the housings and eliminated all of the gremlins in the switching system. I hope to give you a better idea of the finished product in a week or so when the CNC-ed aluminium housing arrives,

Watch this space…