Second Batch

It’s been a busy time! My apologies for the lack of updates. It’s been a whirlwind few months: The first batch is out in the world and the trials and tribulations of the whack-a-mole production process begin to subside. Just for good measure in what was already a crazy, busy year my fiancée and I got married last month. I was hoping to have all of this wrapped up before the wedding but the PCB issues meant a substantial delay.

Manufacturing is difficult and there are always more problems than can be anticipated. The reject rate of the first batch was much higher than was anticipated. This meant that we had to totally redesign the PCB that forms part of the coil assembly. Some other parts that were in turn affected by this change. This was an extremely expensive change to make and added to an already massively over budget product! Sound quality is not affected but assembly is now easier and the reject rate much much lower. We take quality very seriously!

It’s been great hearing about how people are using their Sub Pros out there in the world. So much enthusiasm for all over the globe! Thanks everyone!

Here’s the timeline for delivery of the second batch:

5th ~ Coil/Magnet Assembly production finishes
8th ~ Ancillaries assembly
10th ~ Switch assembly
15th ~ Main body assembly
22nd ~ Packaging finished products
24th ~ Ship

I’m so sorry for the delays. Whilst Submarine Pickups tries to do a good impression of a slick multinational corporation it doesn’t always work out as well as I would like. Most days it’s just me in my studio handling all the design, assembly, supply chain, customer service, QC, picking and packing etc. I am CEO and janitor. I love my work! I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

All the best,