Christmas Present ?


I’m pleased to announce that manufacture has begun. As we speak the mould for the housing is being CNC-ed. The metal stamping part tooling, I’m told, is already made. In the next few days molten zinc will be forced into the mould, and will cool. It will then be polished, chrome plated and polished again. This along with the coil assemblies, magnets, circuit boards, switches, custom cables and packaging should all arrive here in Stroud on or before 15th December 2018. Leaving a manic five days for assembly in order to make the last Christmas post. That’s right, those of you in the UK will hopefully receive your Sub Pro before Christmas! My apologies to those of you elsewhere in the world, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.


I say hopefully. This is if everything goes to plan. As I’ve found with manufacturing; nothing ever does. I’m checking in with suppliers on an almost daily basis, giving them a nudge when necessary in order to make sure that we make that deadline.

If things weren’t hectic enough we’ll be moving to larger premises at some point before the manufacture. This broom cupboard has become too small!

So where are we at with the design and manufacture? Since I last wrote there have bee two total redesigns. One which shaved a very necessary 0.8mm of the height of the Sub Pro and another which was a rebuild using a different form of 3D modelling. This was a frantic 48 hours as our die casting manufacturing partner had the machinery booked but found that the file I had sent was too complicated. Not much sleep was had in those days last week.


This is almost exactly what you will receive in a few weeks. The design is ever so slightly different to this prototype (this is a photo by the way, not a render). But essential all the salient features are there. As you can see the aim of getting the switches onto the pickup was successful. A vast improvement, I think you’ll agree, over having them on an endpin jack or on a circuit board elsewhere.

I’ll be checking addresses before posting begins along with other relevant details.

Wish us luck! Will keep you posted with any developments!