Hexaphonic Wonder

I recently dropped my phone. The screen shattered. A familiar story to many people. So frustrating especially when in can cost a fair bit to have the screen replaced. I looked into the DIY approach and came across a great site called ifixit. A great site for people who aren't afraid of taking things apart. They've got really good step by step repair instructions (often with videos) for everything from phones to lawnmowers. 

The reason I mention it is that I was intrigued by some of the connectors used inside the phone. They are so amazingly small with many many pins. I wondered if it might be possible to use them inside the Submarine Pro.


Let's just get some context for why this could be a good idea. Leaving the nano sized phone components aside for a minute let's look at small scale multicore parts. 

This is the kind of connector that we would use. It's £16. In bulk the price might come down to £10. But you'll need three or four other similar connectors to make up the assembly and break out box. Then someone has to solder all the pins - a very time consuming endeavor. You can see how expensive this could become very quickly.

One reason this connectors are so expensive is that they are very rarely used. The nano connectors used in mobile phones might be as less than a penny each. Ubiquitous and cheap as chips! They can also be robotically soldered. 


One of the tests will be to see if a hexaphonic breakout cable is possible. This would give users who wanted control of each individual string the ability to route these however they would wish. This would be a strictly custom job but could be carried out by any mobile phone repair shop. Much easier to find than a guitar tech!

Let me be clear: this is little more than an idea at the moment. It will require rigorous testing. But I have a feeling there is a real chance to open up the Submarine Pro to people who want to have that extra functionality at no extra cost to the average user. Quite what the end result will look like at this stage is anyone's guess !