Design Update : Switches

I have lots of news since the end of the Submarine Pro Crowdfunder. Some exciting developments with the design, a slight change to the schedule (don't worry shipping is still planned for June) and if you're wondering why it's been a little quiet in the last few weeks, well I've just become a dad.  Exciting times all round.

Firstly let's talk design. We had a number of queries about how the switching would be carried out. The original plan was to locate DIP switches on the endpin. This would allow any combination of strings to be routed to two separate outputs.


DIP switches...

...routing to stereo output

However there are some drawbacks to this. Obviously changing the routing requires getting inside the guitar. Not ideal for a quick change or experiment! Why not just give a separate switchboard I hear you ask? The short answer is that the price would go up by a substantial amount. 

When I was originally designing the Submarine Pro I was keen to have the switch on the actual pickup. Unfortunately I was unable to find a switch small enough for the job. Each option made the footprint much much bigger. However...

Over Christmas I thought I'd have one last check to see if anything new had appeared and lo-and-behold I found this in my switch sleuthing sojourn;


It's the smallest of its kind by some margin and has been released since the Submarine Pro was originally designed. Using this kind of switch has some benefits and some drawbacks. Firstly it is small enough that six of them can fit inside the pickup housing. This means that you will be able to change the routing much much more easily - good news. the bad news is I have decided not to allow one string to be sent to both outputs. I know some people were keen for this even if it mean having impedance issues.  I'm of the opinion that this three way switch will result in a more usuable product all round.

Thirdly it will allow you to turn a string off - ie. to not send to either output. 

There is the tantalising possibility of a third output. More info on this soon.

This does mean that the prototyping stage has been put back slightly but we have enough contingency not to move the shipping date.